Application and Financial Information

SUMMER 2016 Dates: JUNE 6-JULY 3, 2016

University of Arizona and non-University of Arizona Students interested in attending the Arizona in the Aegean Study Abroad program are encourage to apply. There is a GPA requirement (minimum of 2.5). The application process is administered through the University of Arizona Study Abroad Office in the Global Initiatives.

For starting the application, click online: Deadline February 15, 2016

Financial Information

Non-refundable Study Abroad Application Fee : $80.00

it will be posted due to student's Bursar account automatically after a student selected "Apply Now."

Non-refundable Program Deposit: $600.00

The deposit will be applied toward total program costs and is due upon submitting an application for the program. The program deposit will not be removed from Bursar's accounts nor will it be refunded if a student cancels from a program.  Only in the cases that a student is not accepted to a program or the program is cancelled will the deposit be refunded.  Academic year students will be billed the deposit before each semester.

Final Study Abroad Program Fees:

Posted about 45-60 days prior to the start of the UA term in Tucson.  The payment deadlines coincide with UA tuition payment deadlines.  .Students have to pay fees at least 30 days prior to departure and within 30 days of posting to avoid late fees (see additional information on deadlines below). It is critical to secure appropriate funding in advance and to make a "fall back" financial plan if applying for scholarships or other non-guaranteed funding. If you think you might have to cancel later for any reason, you should consider purchasing some kind of travel insurance to cover some of your costs for late cancellations.

For more information, please visit

Finances: Information about program costs, financial aid and study abroad scholarships can be found at UA Study Abroad. Select List of Grants:

UA Study Abroad Travel Grant Deadline: Spring 2016

UA: SILLC Global Award Fund ($1, 500) Deadline: TBA Spring Semester 2016 (for students with dual degrees, one in SILLC majors)

Hellenic Cultural Foundation Scholarships Deadline: TBA Spring Semester 2016

The program fees include 6 units, housing, breakfasts and partial meals, excursions, on-site transportation, entrance fees, and insurance.