2012 Student Blogs

For the 4 days we were on Santorini, we had the honor of having Geologist Floyd McCoy as a guest lecturer. After our lectures with Professor McCoy, it was apparent how much the group had fallen in love with him. His enthusiasm towards geology and archaeology was evident, and he was always more than... more
The art of silver is another craft that is valued in Greece. Andreas Dragatis has been practicing the craft of silver since 1984, when he was fifteen years old. For the first three years, Mr. Dragatis learned the ways of a gold smith because he claimed it was easier to learn from someone... more

On our wonderful island of Paros, we continue to explore different careers and trades. On June 20, 2012 we visited Dimitris Bogiatzis, a beekeeper of 250 producing units. We saw his collection of 50 hives at Kostos. The hives have 4 screens in them that the bees build their honey... more
          Our group was very fortunate to have Dr. Stella Kastarou ((specialist on caves and prehistoric research) speak to us about Neolithic pottery; she is very knowledgeable on the subject and gave a great presentation. She primarily discussed... more
This temple is the first example of monumental architecture. Prior to this temple most sanctuaries were built out of wood or located in caves. This site was used by the mystic cult of Dionysus. During the period of its construction the Naxian city-state was ruled by the aristocratic elite, so their... more
June 23, 2012, The Arizona in the Aegean program was fortunate to be accompanied throughout our four-day excursion by leading geologist Floyd McCoy of the University of Hawaii @ Windward, who served as a guide to the world famous ancient excavation of the prehistoric town of Akrotiri, and other... more
When visiting the cheese-making factory, the head manager of the plant located on Paros greeted us as the strong scent of cheese – a hallmark of quality cheese - poured out the front door of the small plant.  All employees were covered in white clothing with rubber boots, gloves, and... more